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Youth: New Normal

Posted on: April 1st, 2020

A note from Kena Newkirk, Youth Director:

We know that times are difficult. The adjustment to a “new normal” of social distancing is especially challenging to young Christians used to the constant social stimulation of going to school. Until things settle back to the old way of life, I want to make sure we have tons of opportunities for everyone.

Throughout the week, we will host small groups via Zoom. Times are listed below, please reach out to (919) 306-1157 for log-in information. Parents, please note that these meetings will be moderated for safety. All participants will be put into a waiting room when they log-in and must be approved by the moderator before they can enter the chat. Small group leaders are of course encouraged to join! 

  • 6th Grade Girls – Tuesday 4 PM
  • Guys Meeting – Tuesday 5 PM
  • 7th & 8th Grade Girls – Wednesday 4 PM
  • 9th Grade Girls – Wednesday 5 PM
  • 10th Grade Girls – Thursday 5 PM
  • 11th & 12th Grade Girls Thursday 4 PM

Our daily devotions will now be posted to our story with a short Bible verse and question for reflection each morning. We will begin with key verses from the Book of Matthew, so this is a perfect time to walk through that gospel.

MONDAY: Monday’s Musings will premier each Monday on our story as a video devotional to get your week started! 

TUESDAY: Student Take-over Tuesdays, one student will share with us what they are up to for the day as they take control of our Insta-story. 

WEDNESDAYS – On Wednesdays, we will find ways to reach out! This week is FFUMC Youth Spirit Day! Share memories and photos of you in Youth Swag to your Instagram story! Be sure to tag @FFUMCYouth and we’ll share your content! 

THURSDAY – On Thursdays, we want to know your thoughts! Take our online polls and games. 

SUNDAY SCHOOL – On Sunday as well, we will be hosting Zoom meet-ups for High School and Middle School. During these meet-ups will have an interactive game, short devotion, and a time of sharing.