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FOR Fayetteville

Posted on: August 11th, 2018

For years, Fayetteville First UMC has been serving our community. Since churches are sometimes known for what they are against, we want to make sure we are known as Fayetteville’s biggest cheerleader.  And so we present FOR Fayetteville,  a church-wide movement empowering us to share God’s love with our neighbors.

So what’s all this FOR Fayetteville stuff about?

Simply LOVE.

It’s letting the community know that God is FOR them and we at FFUMC are FOR them. It’s a start to connect one individual at a time … person to person … to begin relationships that can be nurtured and grow. It’s a way to say, “Hey, I care about you and I am FOR you!”


So get a t-shirt. Get a sticker and magnet. All are available in the church office. They help start a conversation. From there, just let love flow however it goes. Join the movement!


Conversation Starters:

T-shirt – “Hey, what does your t-shirt mean? FOR Fayetteville…?”

Magnet – “I like your magnet. I’m from Fayetteville too. What’s that about?”

Sticker – “Hmm. I see that sticker on your water bottle. Neat. What’s the FOR for?


We are just getting started on this movement… JOIN IN!


“Thank you, firefighters! Enjoy these cookies from Catherine Barnes!”

“Thanks for serving us at Twisted Taco, Jessica. You (and the food) were awesome!”

The Kalafuts love Oz Pizza!

Our youth cheer for Fayetteville!


We LOVE Fayetteville!


“Nikki did a great job as our waitstaff. She’s the second from the left.” Phyllis Williamson, and her granddaughter, Rachel, and Rev. John Barnes at Twisted Taco


“Powers Heating and Air technician Jason was great. I thought I needed a new unit and because of his care he found the leak and repaired the system. Thanks, Jason!” Rev. Michael Phillips