Worship is an encounter with God, shared with a gathering of faithful seekers.  We come together to offer thanksgiving, to share in prayer, to lift our voices in praise and to search the scriptures for some ancient and new message from God.

Worship is not a performance but an offering, an encounter that lifts our eyes beyond the mundane concerns of the everyday toward the mystery and wonder of God.  After such an experience, however, even the mundane looks different somehow.  The world around us becomes a place of encounter with our living Lord.

Worship is a shared experience.  Your presence and the presence of the person next to you are important.  When we blend our voices in song or pause together in prayer or share together our offerings, something happens that cannot happen in solitude.  The Holy Spirit moves through the body of believers, and we discover the joys of a life shared in God’s grace.

Worship is a gift we offer God and a gift God offers us.  As we participate in worship, our Lord and Savior is with us, his Spirit binding us together and bringing to our weary hearts a word of grace, hope and healing.

At Fayetteville First, we believe the traditional elements of worship have the power to lift us into the presence of God and to speak to us a word of grace.  We believe worship should be inspiring, positive and enriching to our souls.  We strive to include everyone of every age in our worship experiences.

The Christian Year

The Christian Church has a calendar all its own that guides us through the year by the rhythm of the story of Jesus.

  • The four Sundays of Advent begin the Christian year with a time of preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ into the world at Christmas.  We consider how God prepared the world for the coming of Jesus and how we can prepare our hearts again to celebrate his birth.

    Color: Purple (for prayer and penitence)
  • Christmas, of course, is the celebration of our Lord’s birth.  The season of Christmas allows us to look more deeply into the meaning of the Incarnation and the joyous message of Christmas.

    Color: White (for victory and purity)
  • Epiphany is traditionally associated with the coming of the Wise Men from a distant land to praise the newborn King.  During this season we remember how Christ has made known the truth and grace of God for the whole world.              

    Color: Green (for new life and the earth)
  • Lent is a holy season of 40 days (excluding Sundays) during which we prepare our hearts and minds for the events of Good Friday and Easter.

    Color: Purple (for penitence and prayer)
  • Easter is the heart of the Christian message and year.  More than just a Sunday, it is a season to revel in the great good news that “Christ is risen!”

    Color: White (for victory and new life)
  • Pentecost is the birthday of the church, the day when the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and moved them into the world to proclaim the gospel.

    Color: Red (for the tongues of flame seen at Pentecost)
  • The Season after Pentecost (or Ordinary Time) is a lengthy season that includes the summer and fall.  It is not so much a celebration of any specific event in the life of Jesus as it is a time to hear again the many stories revealing his grace and love.

    Color: Green (for the lushness of the earth)

Worship Flowers 
Placing flowers in a worship space is a beautiful way to honor or memoralize a loved one and bring glory to God. Other worshipers can appreciate the arrangement and your sentiments will be printed in the Order of Worship. For details and the current calendar please refer to the attached link. worship flowers

Through the year, Fayetteville First UMC offers a variety of special worship experiences.  Among these special services:

  • Hanging of the Greens
  • A Service of Lessons and Carols
  • Christmas Eve Candlelighting Service
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Lenten Lunches
  • Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services
  • Blessing of the Animals
  • All Saints Sunday
  • Services of Healing and Prayer
  • Interfaith Thanksgiving Celebration
  • Special Concerts and Musical Programs


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