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The United Women in Faith are organized in groups called “Circles” which meet at various times each month. Each group determines its own ministry focus while also supporting the broader goals of the entire UWIF unit.


Bethany is an active circle of friends who join in fellowship and sharing.  We continue to support missions involving community efforts such as Bloom, the Joseph Sams School, and Safehouse Outreach of Atlanta.  We support each other with prayer and praise each meeting and throughout the year.  We meet the 2nd Thursday of each month, excluding the summer months, at 7:00 p.m. in members’ homes.  We celebrate each Christmas with a festive outing.  The past few years, we have also enjoyed sending care packages to our FFUMC college students.   Click here for current meeting plans.  We welcome all women to join.

Ethel Taylor

Ethel Taylor Circle is a small circle of about 12 members which meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 2:30 pm at the church in room C-240.  Monthly programs are given by a member of the circle using programs from the UWIF Program Book.  These programs deepen our understanding of missions within the UWIF. Meetings in June and December are held away from the church at local restaurants for fellowship with no program.  There are no meetings during July or August so members may enjoy the summer evenings with their own families.  Ethel Taylor supports various projects that benefit women, children and youth, and we also serve homebounds with visits, cards, and gifts. All are welcome!


Chair: Clara Martin, (770) 610-3089, caca2cats@gmail.com

Friendship Circle is an active group of ladies ranging from young mothers to grandmothers.  We meet September through May on the 2nd Monday of each month.  Our popular September Salad Luncheon and the December Christmas Party are hosted in a member’s home.  Other months, we meet at 9:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  Our circle supports a card ministry and our members volunteer for many charitable activities throughout the church and community, particularly Promise Place, which provides safe environments for battered women and works to prevent domestic violence.  We also support each other as needs arise and enjoy several outings throughout the year to local restaurants and places of interest.   Lifelong friendships have been made as a result of being active in our appropriately named “Friendship Circle.”  We welcome all women to join us!

Marie Lamb

Marie Lamb Circle is named for the wife of Pastor Jack Lamb, who served FFUMC from 1974-1978. A leader in her own right, Marie Lamb not only served as president of the UMW but also started the circle for young women in 1977. We are beginning our 46th year of service to missions! The circle meets September through May on the 1st Thursday of the month at 4 p.m. in Room C-260. We enjoy fellowship, share our praises and prayer concerns, and often go out to dinner after our meetings. We support local, national and worldwide missions through our financial gifts. We are very supportive of each other’s personal needs. We would be honored for you to visit us and consider becoming part of our circle.

Mary Martha Hope

Mary Martha Hope Circle is a group of active ladies who meet on the 4th Thursday at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall.  Monthly programs enlighten us on important community issues, strengthen our spiritual connection to God, work on a mission project, or just for a little entertainment.   We take June and July off and a Christmas Party is held in December.  We focus our main mission efforts on Heifer International Foundation and Fayette Samaritans.  Visitors and new members are always welcome!

Tabitha Circle

Our youngest members often join the Tabitha Circle to have contact with others in a similar life stage. The group typically meets on Wednesday nights, but check with the group to confirm the current schedule. Find out more about Tabitha Circle here.

Contact the church office or click here to receive a complete UWIF guide and you’ll be sure to find the right group for you!