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Fundraiser Guidelines & Request Form

The request to conduct a fundraiser must be submitted to the Finance Committee for approval at their regularly scheduled meeting a minimum of eight weeks prior to the event. The committee meets the 4th Tuesday of each month. Once the fundraiser is approved, the event will be placed on the master fundraising calendar and the church calendar. Please do not commit to the fundraiser until you have received confirmation that it has been approved by the committee. The following information must be provided on the form below to be considered:

  1. Preferred Date, Alternate Date, Time: Preferred date and time of the event/fundraiser.  Please provide an alternate date in case your first choice is not available.
  2. Group/Ministry: Name of group/ministry making request.
  3. Contact Person: Name of contact person including phone number and email.
  4. Area of Facility to be Utilized: Where will the event or sale take place?
  5. Description of Event/Fundraiser: Include as many details as possible .
  6. Purpose: What will the money be used for?
  7. Form of Fund Collection: e.g. order forms, ticket sales, selling of merchandise, etc.
  8. Goal: Net income you hope to make.
  9. Date Submitted : Date this form was submitted to the Finance Committee.

Fundraiser Request Form

Preferred Date:* Alternate Date: Time:*
Contact Person:*
Contact Phone:*
Email Address:*

Area of Facility to be Utilized:

Description of Event/Fundraiser:*
Form of Fund Collection:*

Volunteer Forms

Prior to working with children and youth, the church requires that both volunteers and paid employees complete a screening process.  A background check will be conducted by the church.  A volunteer application and the child abuse prevention policy acknowledgement form must be completed and kept on file at the church. This process is a portion of the Safe Sanctuary Policy that has been implemented to protect the children and the workers.

Current Safe Sanctuaries Policy and Forms:

MVR Authorization Form

To become eligible to operate church vehicles, it is necessary to complete a screening process in order to be covered by the church’s insurance policy.  A Motor Vehicle Records check will be conducted by the church.  Include a copy of a valid driver’s license with the authorization form.

Medical Release Forms

Prior to participating on a church retreat or outing a medical release form should be completed and the original given to the facilitator of the retreat/outing. These forms provide the necessary information required in the event medical attention is required. Please note there is a separate form for Adults and Youth. All forms should be completed in full, notarized and attached to a front & back copy of your current insurance card.


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